We  are so happy to say we work with a quite a few barbers and are used in barbershops in the UK. 

Here are some our stockists.

1. Zeke Gerrard

Zeke Gerrard has been stocking our products and supporting us since July 2019. 

Works at Unit 85-88, Battleground fitness gym,Cheney manor industrial estate,SN2 2PJ Swindon

Social media:
Facebook: @Zekethebarber94
Instagram: @zeke_thebarber

2. Slammed Barber Co

Slammed Barber Co

James at Slammed Barber Co has been supporting us since May 2019.

Works at Slammed Barber co - 1 Regent Mews, Prince Regent Street.
TS18 1DD Stockton-on-Tees, United Kingdom

Contact Details: 01642 913757

Instagram: @slammedbarberco

Facebook: @Slammedbarberco

3. Cutthroat J's Barber Shop

10 Clarkwell Rd, Hamilton ML3 9TQ

Contact details:  07538 730496

Instagram: @cutthroat_js

4. Man Cave Gent Salon

18 Thornhill Johnstone in Renfrewshire Scotland