Shipping delays:

We are now closed for Christmas.

We will be back open on 24th December for limited stock.

Shipping info delays, please read this before emailing us.

Everyone order has left out HQ. It is now with Royal Mail.

As you know, there are huge delays.

We have put together all the information we know. if the info is not here, email us and we will see if we can find out more. We will add it to the list.

Q. What is going on?

A. There are huge delays At Plymouth Royal Mail sorting office, this is where our collections go. There are also delays everywhere.

Q. My order has not been scanned since 4-7th December, is it lost?

A. We are not stating any order is lost till 14 days after it was dispatched. Then we will discuss with you, what you want to do next. Either refund or e-voucher.
The reason why we are not issuing refunds straight away after 10 days as they may still turn up.

Q. My order has not been scanned yet? It says it left your warehouse a while ago.

A. Due to backlog of orders, they are working through them all. As fast as they can. When they scan your order, you will be notified that its out for delivery. This typically next day.

Q. Can I have a refund if it does not arrive in time for christmas?

A. If your parcel does not arrive in time for christmas, we are very sorry. I am sure the recipient will understand that, it may turn up a couple days late. We can discuss refunds 14 days after dispatch.