Beard Butter VS Beard Balm

The common question we get asked is what is the difference from Beard Butter and Beard Balm. Before we compare the two products, lets explain what each one is.

TLDR: Beard Butter is a product which offers super hydration and very little hold. Great to use at night time, or dont need any hold or have a super dry skin/beard.

Beard Butter has a creamy/whipped consistency

Beard Balm is a popular product, this will offer hydration to the beard and skin while be able to give shape and hold to the beard.

Beard Balm has a solid/harder consistency but once warm up between your hands, it will melt in a smooth then Oil, then apply to beard. Once the oil has cool down, it will re solidify and become "hard" again but this will keep your beard in shape. Our Beard Balms will not turn your Beards into rock solid, we prefer a less strong balm suitable for all beards.


What is Beard Butter? 

Beard Butter is the ultimate beard hydration product and is a light and creamy consistency that has been formulated to soften and condition the skin and beard hairs using a blend of Sweet almond, fragrances Oils with a complex of Shea Butter & Mango.

Our Beard Butter is made up with natural butters and carrier oils, it will offer a light to no hold due to no beeswax. Our Beard Butter is whipped which gives it a creamy consistency. It takes very little to no effort to warm up in the hands to get it to melt before you apply to the beard. We will explain why you would use one.

Why would I use a Beard Butter?

A Beard Butter is an alternative product to Beard Balm, as discussed earlier, it has a different consistency to Balms which gives a different feel in the beard. As mentioned above, the beard butter offers ultra hydration which you may not get from the beard balm due to different formulas. Another common thing is the dreaded beard dandruff/ irritations. The butter can help the skin below the beard which could be irritated from lack of moisture in the skin causing it to flake, allergic reaction to certain ingredients , low quality products used and various other reasons. We are not saying this will fix it every time but over time, it has been shown to help dry skin under the beard. Here is a review from someone who was close to shaving his beard off but tried our beard butters. 

Beard Butter link here

What is a Beard Balm?

Beard Balm has been formulated to Control Tame and Hydrate your beard. Our formula includes natural ingredients such as  Almond Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter and Jojoba oil. Our Beard Balm tends to give you more volume making your beard feel and look thicker. This product will control and tame it to perfection!

The beard Balm still offers hydration to the beard and skin below. The difference, the Beard Butter has a 

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