About us

                Founders story

In July 2018, Dan and Jake started talking about the Beard Care products. We both agreed about how all the products have same smelling fragrances whilst all look very similar. There was just standard Bottles, why are there no cool packaging. We both liked collecting cologne bottles which looked unique, even if it was empty. Then we said "why dont we create our own Beard Care products with cool packaging?" 

That is what we did. Dan was a business graduate from Plymouth University, he put together a business plan. Jake was a illustration graduate from Plymouth College of Art, He started drawing mockups of the Logo.

While researching for the business plan, we realised we needed to create the beard products ourselves. This way we can always listen to feedback from our customers about what they like/dislike. Then we can find ways to improve. As we created the product ourselves, we are constantly adding new scents to our oils, balms, butter and many other products.

The first product we found was the Cool Glass Beard Oil Skulls. We knew that we had never seen these in the beard care industry. It would help stand out as a company. Dan had researched for months about creating a perfect blend carrier oils while finding great and unique fragrance to go with these. As all we could find on the market was just a woody/earth scents, we went a different angle. We decided that needed a range of scents for everyone. These include fruit, sweet and masculine scents. We today have a range of 10 scents. Including Bubblegum, sweet rum and many more. 

September 2018 - Our different range of skulls

About the Co-Founders and important people involved.

Dan Henders – Dan, graduated in 2017 from Plymouth University, studying (BSc Hons) Business Management and Marketing. When Dan and Jake became friends, Jake mentioned to Dan about his idea for "cool beard company" which was later called Beard and Bones. Dan used to run his own online business and he has used all of the experiences and mistakes to do his best to make sure this one succeeds. Dan is the cook behind the all the products, he worked hard to perfect the recipe which is used by many bearded men daily. He worked alongside George Richards to build the first website So, Thank you must go to George for all the help he has given and continues to give.

Jake Grant-Jones – Jake Grant- Jones graduated from Plymouth College of Art in 2017 with a BA (Hons) illustration degree. He has always had the passion for drawing alongside a massive beard. You can see the incredible hand-drawn designs on our Instagram, if you scroll to the bottom, you can see the progress from these images into the logo. He is from Weymouth and grew up on a farm where he had access to Beezwax, which we used to make our very first balms. These images are seen on our instagram, plus tools which he uses to create various products like the stand we made for our partner studio 28 (instagram). A Great combination of Expert craftsmen and an incredible artist comes in handy when building a business. 

We must also give credit to Tamara Davies.  She has helped and continues to help us so much behind the scenes to build Beard and Bones UK to the company it is today. The amount of skill and effort, which she has brought to the company,  the skills such as photography, design and countless hours she puts in. If you have seen how incredible our products look on Instagram, you will understand why she is so important, Also, now you will know who is behind the camera. If you have not seen it yet check us out @Beardandbonesuk.

Beverley Finnigan - (Dan`s mum)

Bev has helped Dan so much since 2019, as Beard and Bones has grown. It would be an impossible job without her. The work she does from labelling tins, putting together the oil tags with the string and the Beard Oil skulls in the bag for Dan to fill up.  Plus getting orders picked and packed on certain days. They are extremely time consuming and without her, this business would not be able cope. 

All 5 people together have built this business but we all can't take credit, everyone, that has interacted with us - our brand ambassadors who help us promote our brand on their social media pages and give us feedback about future fragrances. A massive thank you must go to them.