About us

Company info:

Trading name: Beard and Bones Cosmetics limited

Address: Unit 6, 2a beech avenue, Pl4 0QQ.

Business number: 14104285

Founders story

In the summer of 2018, two university graduates, Dan and Jake, sparked a conversation that ignited a unique vision in the world of beard care. Tired of the same, mundane fragrances and uninspiring packaging synonymous with existing products, they asked themselves - "Why can't beard care be more exciting?" With this question in mind, Beard and Bones was born.

With his Business Management and Marketing degree from Plymouth University, Dan devised a comprehensive business plan and started to build our online presence. Jake, with his illustration degree from Plymouth College of Art, embarked on designing a logo that would perfectly capture the essence of Beard and Bones.

During their meticulous research, they realized that to truly satisfy their customers, they needed to create their own beard care products. This approach would enable them to continually refine their products based on customer feedback. They were determined to create something unique that stood out in the market, both in terms of packaging and fragrance.

Their journey led them to discover glass skull-shaped beard oil bottles - an unparalleled, quirky addition to the industry. Dan spent months crafting the perfect blend of carrier oils and distinctive fragrances. The market was saturated with mundane woody and earthy scents. Thus, Beard and Bones chose a different path - offering a variety of fragrances to suit everyone, from fruity and sweet to masculine, including unique scents like Bubblegum and Sweet Rum.

September 2018 marked the debut of their range of hand-painted skull bottles in gold, matte black, silver, and white. These skull bottles have become a unique trademark, collected by many.



Our team is the backbone of Beard and Bones. Dan Henders, one of the founders, leverages his experience from running an online business, and is the genius behind our product formulations. Jake Grant-Jones, the co-founder, brought in his love for illustration and beards. His creative hand-drawn designs can be seen on our Instagram, and he was instrumental in crafting our first balms. We also owe a huge credit to Tamara Davies for her skills in photography and design, bringing our products to life on our Instagram page.

Unfortunately, Jake had to leave the company for personal reasons in April 2019, but Dan continued to steer the ship. Since then, Beard and Bones has grown tremendously, thanks to the incredible team, including Dan's mother, Bev, who helps with product assembly, and our brand ambassadors who help us spread the word and provide invaluable feedback.

We have evolved since our inception, expanding our product range beyond beard care to include high-quality, gothic-themed jewellery. While we discontinued our jewellery line in 2023 to focus on new product development, we continue to innovate with new skull bottle colours and limited edition scents each year. 

Staying true to our original vision of continually evolving and bringing novelty to our packaging, we've released a kaleidoscope of new skull bottle colours over the years. Orange, Red, Sapphire, Green, and Purple have joined our colour spectrum, bringing our total to a vibrant palette of 10 different hues. But the excitement doesn't end there. Each year, we delight our customers with limited edition scents housed in these unique, coloured skull bottles. This tradition of innovation is just another way we strive to keep Beard and Bones fresh and exciting for our cherished community.

Today, in 2023, we're proud to have a family of products that stand out, not only for their high-quality ingredients but also for their unique aesthetic. With Beard and Bones, beard care is no longer a routine; it's an experience.

In a monumental move for Beard and Bones, we've recently joined forces with a custom manufacturing factory. This exciting partnership is a strategic solution to the stock shortages we navigated through in 2023.

Our dedicated team has tirelessly searched for a dependable manufacturer that can match our burgeoning demand while consistently delivering our top-notch products.

But, we didn't stop there! This alliance paves the way for a broader range of offerings. Though we can't divulge all the details right now, let's just say your skincare and hairstyling routines are about to get a lot more interesting! Keep an eye out for more thrilling revelations on this front!