Reward and Loyalty Scheme

Sign in to Loyalty scheme here

We have added a Reward and Loyalty Scheme for everyone. This is our way thank all the Loyal Customers. 

Before we explain very simple and easy sign up,

Heres how to earn them: (You can see all of these will be able to see when you signed in to the reward scheme app)

Sign up to the scheme- 100 Points

Celebrate a birthday - 200 points

Place an order 10 points every £1 spent - (signed in only)



What you get you get with these reward points:


Free Shipping - 100 points

5% Discount code - 100 Points

10% Discount code - 200 points

15% Discount Code- 300 points

20% Discount Code - 400 points

Amount discount - £1 for every 100 points

Please note: These discount codes do not work with other discount codes already applied. As they are already discounted.


Now here is a very simple guide how to sign up.

In this guide, we will give you a step by step tutorial how to set up your account, ways to earn and spend your B&B points. 

Step 1. Locate and Click the reward icon. This icon is located on the bottom right of the page. (It may be just an reward icon with no text if using mobile)

2. After clicking on the reward icon, this page will show up (shown below).

2.1A - If you are an existing customer with an account, just sign in as usual with your email address.

2.1B - If you are new customer and haven't purchased anything from us yet, press the join now button, enter your name and email address. Then, go back to this page and press sign in. 

2.1 Once you have signed up (New customers) or Signed in( Existing customers). You will be logged into your account. If you click on the reward icon, that is you done, you are now signed up to our Reward and Loyalty Scheme.

We will be going through all of the other parts in the rest of this tutorial such as how to earn them B&B Points (Step 3), How to spend them (Step 4) and how to redeem the codes and save money. 

Step 2.1 - After you have signed up/ signed in, you have just clicked on the reward icon again, then It will open up your dashboard (image shown below).

(Your B&B points will be different from the image.)

It will state how many points you earn at the top, then ways to earn and ways to spend them. It is all very simple to understand. 

The rest of guide will explain the ways to earn, ways to redeem and what to do when you unlocked your rewards.

Step 3. Ways to Earn points:

If you click on the ways to earn tab, you will see this come up. We may do special events where we offer double points for every £1 spend, keep an eye on our social media pages @beardandbonesuk - plus if you follow them, you get extra points. 


You will get 100 points for signing up. You can see all the other ways to earn points.

Okay what do these points mean and how do I spend them?

Step 4.  "Way to redeem"

If you click the back button (top left) and click "ways to redeem" you will see this page (show below)

You will only be able to redeem the points which you have on your account, so remember always sign into your account when you are about to make a purchase as you get 5 points per £1 spent - This soon adds up.


Step 5. How to Redeem -  Once you have enough B&B Points, it will show redeem next to the reward. Simply press Redeem, it will come up with a coupon voucher. See step 6. for more details.

Step 6 - Here I pressed Redeem on 10% Discount, where I spent 400 B&B and this comes up. Press Apply code if you want to use today, if you dont. Dont worry, this code will be saved in your reward tab if you press back.  (Top left arrow)

Step 6.1 - If you pressed back, you will be back to your main page. You can see all the rewards you have unlocked and click on them anytime you want to redeem them. 

Step 7. Redeeming you discount.

After you decided everything what you want to purchase, head to checkout as usual. Press proceed to cart.

Step 7.1 -

7.1A - The code should be already activated, if you pressed apply. As shown on step 6.

7.1B - If you didnt, you pressed the copy button, You can copy and paste the code in the discount code box, then press apply.

7.1C - If you have done neither of these 2, just press the present icon (Bottom right), then your rewards, then press apply code/ Copy and paste code.  If you are having any issues - such as your code is not working, send us an email at and we will look into for you.